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Privacy of the individual who is visiting our portal ( is very important and it is taken care with utmost priority. Your all the privacy-related concerns will be answered here through this page so it is highly recommended to read the texts sincerely which are published on this page. It is fact that we collect some of the information from the user; that information is used to improve the quality of the content which is published in this site, and also it is to validate that real human is accessing this website because we serve content for/to/of the human being, not for the robot.

Those who are very concerned about PII (Personal Identifiable Information) then this page fulfils their goal.

PII is basically your personal details like Name, Email Address, Correspondence or permanent address, Contact number, etc.

Privacy policy



How do we collect personal information from the user?

When you read articles published on this blog then at the end of each article we have comment form where you are asked to fill details like your name, email address and website. So this is one way of collecting your personal information. The main goal of asking the name and email address in the comment form is to authenticate that no robot is putting the comment. Having a comment form is to enhance the user interaction on a particular topic as we believe that users should have the freedom to express their thoughts.

We ask similar details through contact form too. We capture those details in contact form just to address the queries to the concerned person.

Do we use your information for commercial purpose?

Definitely not. We don’t use your personal information for the commercial purpose; rather, we keep maintaining our track record.

Behaviour tracking through Analytics

We use Google Analytics tool to track user’s log and behaviour, which mainly includes the following:

  • IP address (Not from Analytics)
  • Browser Name
  • Device Name
  • Keywords
  • Referential Data
  • Internet Service Provider Name
  • Country
  • States
  • Cities

This information is collected to serve you the better content and for the improvement of this website too.

Cookies and DoubleClick Dart Policies

We may use Google AdSense and other 3rd party programs to monetize our content. This is just to support this website for the long run.

These monetization networks use cookies which we generally call as 3rd party cookies. They store cookies in your browser and service you advertisements based on your behaviour. This technique is simply called as retargeting. You can easily turn off these cookies from browser’s settings, even you can delete them. By doing so, our site will run smoothly but our advertisers will not able to serve you the retargeted advertisements.

We believe in COPPA

COPPA stands for Children Online Privacy Protection Act.

This act allows the government of United States of America to give parental control to the children whose age is below 13 years old. We do not serve any content which may harm the children with age less than 13 years old.

This is our privacy policy terms. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within business hours and days.


Team OCC