Pediatric Orthodontist: They say Kid’s oral health is at risk

We have seen different specialization in dentistry; out of them, Pediatric Orthodontist has its own place. We have already discussed Children’s Orthodontist; whatever we have discussed so far that was in a generalized way. Now we are going to discuss Pediatric Orthodontics in a dental technical manner. This post will fuel your knowledge bank with another milestone.

I personally believe Pediatric Orthodontist should be very soft from inside and outside because all of their patients will be kids, around 7 years old. It is good to make them friends so that you can reach to the core of the dental problems.

Let me start this post with the introduction of the topic so that new reader will be familiar with it.

Who is Pediatric Orthodontist?

Pediatric Orthodontist is a dedicated dentist for children from the age of infancy till they become a teenager. one of the orthodontist near me qualified enough to care overall wellbeing of the kid’s teeth, mouth, gums, facial issues, etc throughout their age.

As we all know children lose their baby teeth by the age of 6, hence, their orthodontic treatment begins at the age of 7. It is found that children have 8 times risk of having the oral disease than fever and asthma so you can understand how it is critical to address and correct the oral problems of the children.

Pediatric Orthodontist

Pediatric Orthodontist

Things you should know about child’s oral health

  • Some parents are happy with their children’s smile and teeth alignment. Let me break the misconception. This dentofacial orthopaedics is not only limited to teeth alignment and giving your children a great smile, rather, it is more than that. If you visit any Pediatric Orthodontist then they examine the appropriate development of mouth, teeth and jaws in reference to different bites. They also get clarified by suggesting x-ray examination.
  • Most of the parents take their children to a dental specialist when they reach the age of 11 or 12. Let me tell you when your kids reach such age then most of the facial or oral development is completed, hence, it becomes critical for Orthodontist for further examination; also it may cost you enough money. So it is advised to take your children to Pediatric Orthodontist when they are at the age of 7. This is the age at which any issues related to their oral health can be found easily.
  • Now Orthodontist became advanced, the result is not all the Pediatric Orthodontists are updated with the latest advancements like clear retainers, Invisalign, etc so it is better to get recommendations from certified dentists.
  • At some stage, Orthodontic treatment will cost you more than your budget. Hence, you can go with your second opinion and find out orthodontist within your reach because of latest advancements there are lots of cost-effective alternatives available.
  • Sometimes your kids hid from you and they don’t wear their aligners. In such cases, with the help of technologies, today’s aligners may confirm compliance issues too. So Pediatric Orthodontist has a proper plan regarding it.

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What are the treatments provided by Pediatric Orthodontist?

Pediatric Orthodontist provides a complete oral solution which includes:

  • Risk assessment in kids based on oral health examination
  • Behaviour Counselling and correcting them (These included thumb sucking, nail biting, etc)
  • Correcting teeth cavities
  • Treatment of different gum disease
  • Recommendation of Nutritional food with diet observation and suggestion
  • Cleaning of teeth
  • Teeth straightening and early assessment of bite problems till their corrections
  • Assessment of oral disease due to the impact of other diseases like Fever, Asthma, Cardiac disease, Diabetes, etc
  • Treatment of dental injuries
Pediatric Orthodontist for kids

Pediatric Orthodontist for kids

Some facts about Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry includes:

  • The branch of dentistry which deals with the oral treatment of children from infancy till they reach adolescence.
  • Pedodontics was the former name of Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Pediatric Dentistry shares educational materials for parents, along with oral treatment of the children.
  • American Dental Association (ADA), Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and Royal College of Dentists of Canada recognized Pediatric dentistry.
  • Pediatric Dentistry has the good program for parents to care the oral health of their children, which includes- home care for brushing, flossing and fluorides, Risk Assessment, Information to correct habits like thumb sucking, a first guide when having teeth injuries, diet counselling and information on overall oral development.

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