Metal Braces: Some facts with Advantages & Disadvantages

Braces are the dental appliance which is used to correct teeth misalignment, crooked and crowded teeth along with jaw misalignment problems. In addition to these corrections, braces also help to correct problems related to speaking, eating, tongue movement, etc. If we talk about braces, then we can’t ignore Metal braces because these are the traditional braces that came first to the modern world. People first tried these traditional metal braces only, in a later phase, further advancement came as clear braces, Incognito braces, Invisalign, etc.

Before we start an in-depth discussion on metal braces, let us first understand some basic structure about the braces in general. These understandings will help us to convey the information in a correct manner.

What braces consist of?

Braces mainly have three parts.

  • Bracket: A flat metal structure which is mainly attached or glued to the teeth. They together determine the alignment of the teeth.
  • Archwire: Brackets are connected with each other through archwire. The archwire displaces throughout the brackets.
  • Ligature: These are basically rubber bands which hold the archwire in brackets. They have different colors, Hence, Ligature makes braces colorful.

What is Metal Braces?

When you first hear the term “Braces” then the image which appears in your mind is the image of the metal braces. I think this is the best definition of it, based on its popularity. But still, let me formally define the metal braces.

Traditional metal braces designed with the metals constituents. It got its name because of the use of metal to develop its brackets and archwire. In general, the metal which is used to develop the brackets is Stainless steel due to its strong capacity to withstand force, whereas, Archwire is made up of Nickel and Titanium.

Metal braces

Advantages of Metal Braces

It has widespread popularity; let’s discuss some of its advantages.

  • These braces are very economical; hence, anyone can afford it easily. These braces are economical because of the availability of the substances which metal braces consist of
  • They are very strong due to the use of the metallic substances
  • These braces are very adaptive and useful for any type of orthodontic corrections
  • They are best to correct overcrowded teeth as compared to any other braces
  • These braces used with additional orthodontic appliances, as suggested by the orthodontist, for advanced corrections
  • Most of the people use Traditional braces so it has a positive outlook on everyone’s mind

Disadvantages of Metal Braces

Everything comes with advantage and disadvantage. After these braces, many more advancements came in braces and dental appliances and orthodontic industry. Those advancements are the disadvantages of metal braces because of its traditional outlook.

  • It is not invisible, hence people can easily notice you wearing braces
  • They require demanding maintenance as they are a sticker to your mouth
  • Sometimes they demineralize your tooth, hence may cause allergy
  • You have to observe it continuously with proper care
  • It creates trouble while eating

These are the major advantages and disadvantages of the traditional metal braces. If you have any specific questions related to braces then leave your queries in the comment below.

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