Invisalign Cost: How to get Invisalign at affordable cost?

Till now we understood braces which are basically the wire that connects brackets which ultimately pushes teeth inside. Braces are the traditional method of teeth straightening. Anyone can afford to have braces. Advancement came as Invisalign, which has many advantages over braces. But, the Invisalign cost is higher than the braces.  This is the cost only which stops majority to have Invisalign.

Well, I am here to guide you through the best out of Invisalign cost so that you can go with the best ever treatment. Another 5 minutes could be the best learning session for you in terms of understanding Invisalign.

Before we discuss our agenda for the day, let’s discuss the history of Invisalign first.

History of Invisalign

Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth founded Align Technology in the year 1997 in California. Align Technology is the creator of the Trademark product Invisalign. Here are some of the major events related to Invisalign in chronological order.

1997- Invisalign came into existence in San Jose, California

1998- It received Food and Drug Administration approval with venture capital funding of $140m

2000- Align Technology launched a huge TV campaign worth $31m

2001- Align Technology went into public. Further, earned $130m

2002- Conflict between co-founders

2018- Align Technology has more than 3500 employees

How Invisalign invented?

Zia Chishti was an adult patient who was himself suffering from Orthodontic illnesses. During his treatment through retainers, he came up with an idea of having an Invisalign when his retainer was giving him troubles. He thought such an approach could benefit millions of patients worldwide.

Further, he teamed up with Kelsey Wirth. These two adults did proper planning; hence, they started looking for developers who can bring their ideas into reality. So they started looking for another partner as a developer and they met two geniuses, Brian Freyburger and Apostolos Lerios. All these four people were the student at Stanford University in those times.

Similar to millions of start-up stories, they also started developing their products in the garage of Menlo Park, California. This is how they officially create Align Technology with the support from the investor, Kleiner Perkins Caufield.

Freyburger and Lerios were taking care of Programming, Graphics, CAD and 3D designs of the retainers. They further hired their fellow from the University for intensive modelling and graphics. All these people didn’t have any orthodontic experiences, however, they convinced the expert Orthodontists and rest was the history created.

Invisalign cost rest of the world

Invisalign Treatment

What is the Invisalign?

An Invisalign is a trademark product of the Align technology. It is a transparent Orthodontic device which aligns the teeth to the perfect position. Invisalign are designed with the help of computer graphics with the perfect prediction of the alignment of the teeth at their positions.

Generally, Orthodontist prescribes Braces because anyone can afford it as compared to the Invisalign cost. But, you should personally consult your orthodontist for the prescription of Invisalign if you have enough budgets to pay for Invisalign cost.

Invisalign does not pose the same kind of restrictions as braces. You can easily remove an Invisalign for cleaning, eating and some personal picture moments.

Till now I haven’t given the formal definition of the Invisalign. I just wanted to give you a basic overview. Now let’s discuss the real definition of the Invisalign.

Invisalign is a clear aligner for teeth straightening which exerts pressure like traditional metallic braces; which gradually shifts your teeth inside at its required position. They are in the shape of a plastic tray which is designed by experts with the help of computer graphics on a recommendation by your orthodontist.

Sometimes metal braces may give you pain to the jaws, but Invisalign won’t give you a single pinch of the pain.

What are the problems corrected through Invisalign?

As we knew Invisalign cost is a bit higher than the braces, So many people may be thinking that why should I pay enough money for the Invisalign if Braces and Invisalign address the same problems? Sometimes we should ignore money for the sake of getting quality. Below points will satisfy you and will definitely convince you if you compare the cost of the braces and Invisalign cost together.

If you are eager to know about the comparisons and advantages – disadvantages of both the products then you have to scroll down further. While you can stay here to know the problems corrected by the Invisalign.

  • Overcrowding: It causes teeth decay and increases the lifespan of the gum diseases
  • Overbite: This occurs when upper teeth fully cover the lower teeth; which causes abominable jaw pain
  • Gaps: Sometimes large gaps occur in between teeth. This is due to missing teeth or late appearance of the teeth
  • Underbite: This is completely reverse of the overbite. In this case, a patient is having larger lower teeth than the upper teeth which completely hide the upper teeth. This causes terrible jaw pain
  • Crossbite: This causes bone erosion and various gum diseases. A person is having crossbite when upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth

How to proceed with Invisalign treatment?

Till now we have a good idea about Invisalign. Let’s understand how Invisalign works in teeth straightening process. Here are some of the steps you may understand to know the working flow of the Invisalign.

  • First, you should access the needs of having an Invisalign. It is always a good practice to have invisible aligners, but, you should discuss with your Orthodontist first. Maybe you need it for short term so it is better to have braces for less time period. Why should you waste lots of money as Invisalign cost is higher than the braces?
  • You can observe your teeth by yourself and may come to conclusion whether you need Invisalign treatment or not, however, the decision of your Orthodontist will be final. You can check how far your teeth are outside, is any spacing between the adjacent tooth, How your teeth are overcrowded, etc
  • Check whether your insurance policy includes Invisalign treatment. There are certain coverage defined in an insurance policy, you just need to be certain
  • After all the above steps, you need to find a doctor who is certified and licensed by American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Once you meet the doctor, then you should ask all your doubts and queries at once to avoid the further confusions
  • After getting a suggestion from Orthodontist about Invisalign recommendation, you should be ready for imaging activity. Your doctor should take a clear picture of your teeth and he should further prepare its graphical design in 3D, modelling, etc for developmental activities
  • Once you get your Invisalign then you need to use it and also make sure to have proper cleaners used
Invisalign cost

Invisalign cost

Braces vs Invisalign

This is one of the most demanding sub-topics. You must be waiting to know the clear differences between Braces and Invisalign, because, both perform the similar task. However, we know the most immediate difference between these two tools is the cost of the braces is lower than the Invisalign cost. Apart from their costing, I have collected some of the major differences between them which are listed as follows:

  • Braces have a metallic wire attached, whereas the Invisalign uses non-metallic material
  • Invisalign is 100% transparent, whereas Braces are non- transparent
  • Braces do not use computer technology for its development, whereas Invisalign are developed with prior help of computer graphics and 3D modelling
  • Invisalign are made with exact fit to the teeth, Braces does not have exact fit to the teeth
  • We have choices of colors to choose for braces, whereas Invisalign is colorless
  • Invisalign is the revolutionary alternative of the braces
  • We can easily remove Invisalign during eating, sports and other activities
  • Invisalign takes care of the issues from slight misalignment to the dramatic transformation of your teeth
  • If you wear braces then you have to visit doctor at the period of 4 weeks until you wear it, whereas in case of Invisalign you need to visit doctor at the period of 2 weeks for the observations

How much the Invisalign Cost?

Finally, we are at the last and most awaited topic of this article. You must be wondering about the cost of the Invisalign as it comes up with lot more features as compared to the traditional braces. Invisalign cost included the cost of the retainer tray as well as labour cost as it requires a highly skilled person (labour).

If we talk straight forward then Invisalign cost between, $3000 to $8000.

Let’s break the entire Invisalign cost in small amounts so that you will have clear ideas about the expenses you are going to bear.

Initially, when you consult any orthodontist they charge around $120-$500 as their consultation fee. This initial fee may vary based on the name and fame of the doctor and wait time as well. Further your orthodontist will direct you to X-Ray and it will require $20-$200 based on the intensity. You can save some amount in X-Ray; you get a prescription slip from the doctor and get your X-Ray done at some other place where you find cheap rates.

Rest of the Invisalign cost will go for the development of retainers, 3D modelling, etc. You should keep $1000 aside for after cost and maintenance charges.

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