Incognito Braces: A dedicated brand for Lingual Braces

We have discussed how the evolution of the braces took place. Archaeologist first found braces like structure in the mummified body of the ancient Egyptians as their teeth were interlaced with wires. Thus, the concept of having incognito braces first came from those ancient mummified people. Therefore, we say that Incognito braces are the oldest braces among all, whereas, Invisalign is the youngest development among different dental appliances.

Today we will discuss everything about Incognito braces. We have learned many things about braces so we are in a position to identify the best brace and also it is easier to suggest to the patients based on the phases discussed earlier.

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What are Incognito Braces?

Incognito braces are the dental appliance whose setups of the brackets and wires are the behind part of your teeth. So the incognito braces are not visible to the forefront. These braces are the invisible kinds of braces, unlike traditional metal braces. These braces are only visible to others when the patient opens his/her mouth very wide, otherwise, these braces are invisible.

Incognito braces help you to maintain the professional outlook. You can wear this brace if you are embarrassed by showing braces to the society.

Incognito braces are just a brand name whereas these braces are called as Lingual braces.

Incognito is a Germany based dental service brand. They design their incognito dental braces with the help of advanced programming. The brackets designed to fit each tooth and they are as flat as possible to give the comfortable space to the teeth. Their flatness determines how comfortable you are while delivering a speech.

incognito braces

Gold alloys are the major constituents of these braces which reduce the chances of an allergic reaction inside your mouth. Hence, this is one of the major speciality of the Incognito Lingual braces.

 Why should I choose Incognito Braces?

This is the very obvious question because there are many braces available at a lower cost so why should one choose a costlier Incognito Lingual Braces?

Let me answer this.

The first major reason is, Incognito Lingual braces are initially cheaper than the Invisalign treatment. Further, let me tell you some more reasons with facts.

These hidden braces like Incognito braces are very versatile as they are the best in treating a wider range of teeth and facial misalignment and malocclusion problems as well. So simply when you have Lingual braces then you can live a normal life like others without letting others know that you are having braces.

Some facts about Incognito lingual braces

Some of the major facts about Incognito braces are as follows:

  • Incognito Lingual braces have highly customized brackets, archwire and trays which binds them all together
  • Their configuration give effective and powerful results
  • The motto is to fulfil the growing demands of the patients to have invisible braces
  • You can smile and showcase your beautiful teeth with confidence
  • Incognito braces customized for the individual tooth. Which means there is less probability that Braces of one person may fit another
  • Braces by Incognito are 100% customized and well fitted
  • Lingual Incognito braces well designed with state of the art technologies, which mainly includes CAD, CAM, Robotics and Rapid Prototyping

lingual incognito braces

Why incognito braces are costlier than other braces’ brand?

Incognito braces use latest technologies which involve advanced computer programming along with highly skilled manpower. There are many intermediary elements which ultimately puts a load on the brace.  Below points evident for the higher cost of the incognito lingual braces:

  • An orthodontist required with added technical skills to customize brackets to fit each individual tooth
  • Incognito braces designed with the help of Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing so an Engineer required for these works, which ultimately increases its cost
  • You need to visit the doctor frequently for proper adjustment
  • A consultation fee of the dentist is bit high

How to reduce expenses on Incognito Braces?

You can still manage to reduce the overall cost of the incognito braces without losing their advantage of having invisible braces with effectiveness.

If you require only minor correction then you can go with lingual treatment, hence it won’t cost you more. People, generally, don’t notice your bottom teeth so you can have bottom part with traditional metal braces, whereas, for the top part, you can choose to have the incognito lingual braces.

You can consult your orthodontist for proper planning of the cost structure.

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