Clear retainers: Teeth straightening beyond braces

Teeth straightening are a long-term process in which people have to go through various stages of observation. The whole process starts early at 7 years of age till you become adult. Clear retainers or Invisalign retainer are one of the appliances involve in this process to maintain your teeth at its correct position.

Till now we have enough information and we understood how the process flows move on. Braces or wire retainers are also a first choice suggested by any orthodontist for teeth positioning, moreover, they also suggest you the options for clear retainers or Invisalign retainer. You may also ask them for any of these two retainers because they are advanced and better than the braces.

Let’s get to know in details about clear retainers or Invisalign retainer.

What are Clear retainers?

Clear retainers are the dental appliance which is used to retain your teeth to its correct position. They are like a small mouth guard which are in the intact position to keep your teeth in proper shape so that retaining are done with less trouble.

As it’s clear with its name that they will be of transparent nature, meaning, they are colorless when you wear them nobody will be able to find you are wearing an appliance for teeth straightening. The more you wear clear retainers there are very fewer chances to get your teeth outside. It simply means that clear retainers will bind your teeth to its right position.

Let’s know some dos and don’ts about clear retainers.

clear retainers

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Dos and Don’ts before wearing clear retainers

  • When your retainer is initially tight and you are feeling pain then you should wear at least for 14-15 hours a day.
  • You should avoid keeping your retainer in sunny or warm places because there are chances that your retainer may melt since it is made up of plastic material. Additionally, you should avoid drinking hot beverages while wearing a retainer.
  • When you haven’t worn the retainer then you always keep inside its container.
  • Gently use your toothbrush to clean the clear retainers, don’t do it vigorously.
  • People should wear clear retainers at least for 3 years. You can continue till your teeth are straightened.
  • Sometimes small holes appear on biting surface of your retainer, it is better to consult your orthodontist immediately to avoid the crackdown.

What is Invisalign retainer?

Invisalign retainer is basically Invisalign braces. It is stronger and durable than clear retainers; however, it looks like clear retainers.

Let me break the confusion.

After orthodontic treatment either with braces or Invisalign, a patient should use retainers. Now a person will get either a wired retainer or clear retainers. If you have chosen Invisalign aligners initially then I will recommend you to go with Invisalign retainer because it will suit your mouth structure and will fit inside properly. As Invisalign aligner, its retainer may also cost you much so it all depends on your budget.

Why should I need a retainer?

There is a famous saying that it is easy to get success, but, it is tough to maintain it. So retainers act perfectly per the sayings. Let me explain you in details.

When you go through orthodontic treatment through braces or Invisalign then in that course of time your teeth moves inside, hence, gets the expected position. They align at the proper position. Once the treatment gets over, that is when you stop wearing braces or Invisalign your teeth starts relapsing; which simply means that teeth start moving to its initial position. So to keep teeth intact to its new and expected position, patients are advised to use retainers.

What are the types of retainers?

Orthodontic processes are not easy and not for less time. You wear braces and you think it’s done. But, it is not done actually. You need to wear retainers at least for 6 months or as per the guidelines suggested by your orthodontist. Hence, based on materials used to make retainers, they are of three types.

  • Hawley Retainers
  • Essix Retainers
  • Permanent Retainers

Let’s discuss each one of them separately.

Hawley Retainers

These retainers are made up of metal wire and acrylic. Acrylic is designed to fit inside your mouth and wire will cover your front teeth. They are easy to clean and last for longer. Anyone can easily notice you wearing a retainer.

Hawley Retainers

Essix Retainers

These retainers are purely made up of plastics and they look like an Invisalign. They are invisible and not easy to notice by anyone. Essix Retainers does not allow your teeth to touch.

Essix Retainers

Permanent Retainers

They are permanent retainers because these retainers are bonded and glued inside your mouth. Some orthodontist starts with Permanent retainers and they gradually shift towards Hawley or Essix retainers. They retain teeth in a well and proper manner, but, sometimes these retainers may cut your tongue too.

Permanent Retainers

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