Children’s Orthodontist: A special treatment for kids

Till now we have enough information about the subject called Orthodontics. Today we are going to discuss its one of the branch called as children’s orthodontics or kid’s orthodontics and the person who studies this subject is called as Children’s Orthodontist or Kids Orthodontist. However, the technical name of the Children’s Orthodontist or Kids Orthodontist is different. Since this blog post is for the general public so we will keep things normal and generic here, therefore, we will discuss separately the core technical dentistry for this section.

This post will help you understand the orthodontist for your kids.

Let’s begin the knowledge game now.

What is Children’s Orthodontics?

As we all know Orthodontics basically deals on dental treatments which are mainly focussed to correct the jaws positioning as well as aligning teeth properly. Orthodontics has the clear goal that is to straighten your teeth in a manner that your lower and upper portion of the teeth comes in a proper alignment.

Children’s Orthodontics is a special branch of the Orthodontics which basically deals with facial and jaws corrections with teeth alignment for the young kids. Sometimes children acquire some bad habits like thumb sucking so Children’s orthodontist first observes these kinds of bad habits in kids and then they try to correct them. After such behavioural corrections, Children’s orthodontist works on correcting facial and jaw positioning and teeth alignment. They help to correct everything at an early stage to avoid further problems when kids reach to their adolescent.

 What are the benefits of having a Children’s Orthodontist?

These days a concept of specialism has come so basically people try to find a specialist of their problems who could provide the best solutions. Hence, on following the same trend there is a special Orthodontist for kids which we call them as Children’s Orthodontist. It is always good to consult a specialist; they suggest solutions based on their in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. We can even call them a subject matter expert (SME).

In case of dentistry, if we correct the alignment problem at the very early stage then that will be better because at later phase of life it gives lots of embarrassments. If you find any misalignment at an early stage then it is better to visit any Children’s orthodontist immediately for effective treatment.

A children’s orthodontist may easily understand the structure of the teeth of your kids. They can actually feel based on their subject matter expertise.

children's orthodontist

What are the works of a Children’s Orthodontist?

A children’s orthodontist corrects all the misalignment related problems of the kids before they reach their adolescent. Apart from misalignment treatment, they also work to cure speech issues, sleep disorder, problems in chewing food, hygiene maintenance and breathing-related problems.

The most common problems addressed by a Kid’s orthodontists are as follows:

  • Overcrowded teeth correction: This issue comes because of an underdeveloped jaw and further it creates trouble in coming adult teeth
  • Crossbites, Underbites and overbites correction
  • Jaw alignment
  • Traumatic bite
  • Ankylosed teeth correction
  • Missing teeth correction
  • Incorrectly erupted teeth correction

Phases of Orthodontic treatment for the children

There are two phases of orthodontic treatments available for the kids. Let’s discuss each phase separately:

Phase I Orthodontic treatment (Age: 7 to 11 years)

This phase is called as early intervention. In this phase, a kid’s orthodontist review the mouth of your children. They basically do their observation on any future development or under development, any potential early intervention, oral check-up, etc.

Here are some of the operations they perform at this phase:

  • Finding any options for further development of the teeth at its proper places
  • Jaw alignment improvement
  • Maintaining proper relationship between upper jaws and lower jaws
  • In this phase, they may prescribe some appliances like retainers and space maintainers

kid's orthodontist

Phase II Orthodontic treatment (Age: 12 to 18 years)

In this phase, kid’s orthodontist first observes most of the permanent teeth have erupted. Whether Jaws aligned along with a good relationship maintained between upper and lower teeth. Further, they prescribe braces, clear braces like ceramic braces or Invisalign based on your need.

Benefits of early Orthodontic assessment

Here is the list of some of the benefits of early orthodontic assessments:

  • Bad habits (like thumb sucking) are corrected
  • Permanent or adult teeth will develop correctly
  • Bite problems are corrected with less pain
  • The growth of the jaws are proper
  • Improvements in child’s facial appearance
  • Teeth, lips and faces are properly aligned
  • Improvement in oral hygiene
  • Overall boost in self-esteem and seal-confidence

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