Ceramic Braces: A better alternative to Invisalign

In our earlier post, we have discussed some traditional metal braces as well as Invisalign. Also, we saw the cost of the Invisalign is a bit higher than the traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces are also a type of braces, but, it possesses the characteristics of both Braces as well as Invisalign. Thus, we may assume that Ceramic braces cost will be the range of the cost of the braces and the cost of the Invisalign.

If you can’t afford Invisalign then it is always a good idea to go for Ceramic braces, instead of getting traditional metal braces. Therefore, we can say that these braces are the good alternative to both Traditional metal braces as well as Invisalign (in terms of cost, otherwise Invisalign is the best option to choose).

What are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are the traditional teeth straightening appliance, which consists of the archwire and several brackets. Archwire passes through each bracket and each and individual teeth are in direct connection with the brackets. Each bracket exerts an amount of pressure which ultimately pushes your teeth inside for the proper alignment.

These braces are highly aesthetic which is easy to maintain as compared to traditional metal braces. These braces have a different name, so we sometimes refer it as White braces, Clear braces and Aesthetic braces.

In this braces, the material of Archwire is not metal, however, they use different material like frosted archwire. When we refer ceramic braces as clear braces then the translucency percentage of the brackets are 100%. These brackets are made up of elastic band material which gives comfort to the teeth and the jaws. So simply it gives the similar shade as your tooth. Sometimes you notice that people use clear braces as synonyms for Invisalign, but this is not true. Since Invisalign is the higher form of the braces.

Whichever braces or Invisalign you choose to wear but the prescription of your Orthodontist is mandatory. You must consult him and take his proper guidance, otherwise, you will end up with lots of expenses and you may get result bit later as well. So be logical and calculative before spending money on different braces and Invisalign.

Ceramic braces clear

How Are Ceramic braces different from traditional metal braces?

There are lots of differences between (Traditional) ceramic braces and Traditional metal braces. We knew the evolution of Braces through its history like its first started from the ancient times and the traces of having braces found in ancient mummified bodies. Let’s understand how the ceramic braces are different from the traditional metal braces.

The first difference found from their names. Their name depicts that both of the braces are made up of different substances like Ceramic braces are made up of Ceramics and Metal braces are having metallic wire and brackets in it.

Let’s go deep down and find some major differences.

  • The wires used in the metal braces are of steel or some other metals and brackets also have the metallic substances, whereas, the ceramic braces have different archwire material and the brackets are made up of elastic material, apart from any metal.
  • Brackets of the ceramic braces are transparent, whereas the transparent metal braces don’t have any transparency in brackets and hence it is visible to everyone that someone is wearing braces.
  • Initially, ceramic braces are rough to the tissues and gums, whereas, it is opposite to the traditional metal braces.
  • Sometimes orthodontist doesn’t recommend ceramics for lower teeth when the overlap is so weird.
  • Since ceramics are transparent therefore it is bit costlier than the traditional metal braces.
  • Ceramics braces are not so stronger than the traditional metal braces. As ceramics are brittle and fragile that is why they don’t exert the required pressure on teeth for inside movement.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic braces?

We understood how ceramics type of braces is different than the metallic braces. Now we will look into some of the major advantages and disadvantages of the ceramic braces.


  • As we all knew it is clear and transparent. Even the archwire is transparent so opposite person will never have the feeling that you have worn the braces. However, you need proper cleaning and take care after eating.
  • Clear braces consist of Alumina and metal frosted archwire.
  • The brackets are smaller than the traditional metal braces so it takes less space.
  • They are easier to remove after complete treatment.
  • These braces don’t start any chemical reaction with teeth.
  • Ceramic braces have discrete treatment options for different teeth.


  • They are costlier than the traditional metal braces.
  • Ceramic braces are not a useful choice for extreme over-crowded teeth structure.
  • The transparent small ligatures easily get discoloured after eating, so maintenance is high.
  • It gives initial trouble to the gum, soft tissues and small pain to the jaws; thus, it takes a bit time for adjustments.
  • They are bit harder for further monitoring; however, it is not impossible.
  • Sometimes it requires getting a band which matches the archwire.

Ceramic braces

Types of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces too have their types. Their classifications are based on the type of material used to make brackets and archwire. Here are the types of Ceramic braces:

Clear Ceramic Braces

These braces made up of either plastic material or the ceramic material. Aluminium molecules used in brackets to make it more durable and stronger. Clear ceramic braces are well suitable for the person who is having white teeth as transparent materials in braces will be matched or say disappears due to the brightness of your teeth.

You must take necessary care to clean the braces after eating and drinking because ligatures become dirty easily; however,  Orthodontist replaces these ligatures when you visit in next cycle.

White (off-white) Ceramic Braces

These braces are of tooth color which gives exact matched color. If your teeth have slightly darker shade then you can go for White ceramic braces. Doctors use a special type of Aluminium to make its bracket to give tooth matching shade of the white.

Colored Ceramic Braces

We have already discussed the different braces colors and tip to choose the color of your braces. It is completely your choice to choose a colourful braces colors.

What is the cost of the ceramic braces?

Hope you got an overview of Ceramic braces and now you are in the position to take the decision on choosing braces. Basically, ceramic braces come at different prices and it starts from $1900 and lasts up to $5000. Its prices vary from brand to brand and with the type of material used to make its bracket the extra transparent.

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