Braces colors: Learn to make your braces Colorful

When I was in childhood I used to wear traditional braces and I really didn’t think braces colors keep that much importance. However, the color of my braces was the same as the color of the surrounding muscular area. So it depends on the choice of a person which braces colors to pick!

One thing, you should choose a color which does pass a good smile to the surrounding as well. Let me tell you choosing a color of your braces should be like swag or style symbol. For example, somebody looks so cute when he/she wear spectacle, however, wearing spectacle could be the compulsion for him /her.

Well, choosing braces colors are totally individual’s conscience. Moreover, we are just here to guide you through this blog post.

Let’s begin with…

Do I really need different braces colors?

Today everything is like a style symbol and it is good that people are enjoying and giving some symbol to it. It will not let people feel that they are different from other people of the society. So in such cases, it is advisable to choose the color of your braces as per your choice. If you can afford then you can have the braces colors for each and every day of the week. Isn’t it sound too much? 🙂

Well, yes and there should not be any issues.

Let me answer you the question of this sub-heading.

My answer would be, YES.

A big ‘Yes’, since you are going to wear the braces for long years, probably around 5 years. So you should find fun to live with such compulsion. Hence, it is a good idea to adopt braces in your primary life and you should try different braces colors each and every day.

Now somebody may ask a question, the one who can’t afford different braces colors then what are the suggestions for them.

If you can’t afford then don’t think to have braces colors because it is an additional waste of money. It is better to have some fruits and healthy diet to keep yourself healthy and wise.

Braces colors

How braces get colors?

Braces consist of brackets, archwire, metal bands and elastic rubber. Before we discuss further, I would like to tell you that you can’t add the different flavour of colors in ceramic braces and Invisalign as well. Here ceramic braces are having a low profile which can’t withstand colors in it, whereas, Invisalign is an invisible way to your teeth straightening technique. Hence, it is not wise to put colors in an invisible tool.

Let’s consider the cases of traditional metal braces. Here in metal braces brackets and wire will be in its metallic color or say silver color; whereas the elastic rubber or band gets colourized only.

Since you have braces therefore you have to visit your orthodontist in the cycle of 4 weeks. Your orthodontist examines and tracks the performance of the teeth straightening. Every time you visit your braces colors gets a new flavour. So at maximum, you will have one color for 4 weeks. After next visit, Orthodontist makes changes to your braces and in that period you can ask him/her to change color. If you wish then you can retain the same color too for another cycle.

Some orthodontist even suggests you different colors for a different tooth. It may impact your budget.

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What are the available braces colors to pick?

There are variants of colors to choose for your braces. Before you finalize the color, you consult and discuss with your orthodontist. He will guide you whether your color selection is feasible or not. In general, people have choices among red, green, blue, yellow, orange, grey, purple, silver, gold, pink and black.

There are no guidelines set which color to pick for the braces. Moreover, you can choose braces colors as per your style symbol. Here are some of the suggestions for you in choosing your braces colors:

  • For darker skin, the super powerful colors are- orange, violet, pink, dark blue, green, gold and turquoise
  • For lighter skin, colors which passes extra compliments are- red, light blue, pink, bronze and purple
  • Choose colors wisely because light color may make your teeth looking yellowish, whereas, choosing a dark color may make your teeth looking brighter
  • You can choose colors of your attire, favourite sports team or colors of your school
  • If you are very patriotic then you can use colors of your national flag
  • You can express the enthusiasm of the festival with braces colors like red and green for Christmas, whereas, blue and pink for Easter
  • You can choose glowing dark band for Halloween

Braces colors for all

Which braces colors should I avoid?

We understood the colors combination we should go for our braces; but, we should not involve that much in style status that we choose the wrong combination of our braces colors. This topic is exclusive to help you to avoid choosing the wrong color of your braces. So here we go!

  • You should avoid black braces colors because it will look rotten teeth or some foods attached to your teeth
  • Do not choose white because your teeth may appear yellowish. That is also not good looking
  • You should not choose yellow too. If in case, if your teeth appear yellow then it will intensify the color, hence, it will appear very dirty
  • Avoid Green or brown, since your teeth may appear like foods are still left attached to it

So you certainly developed an idea that which color to choose and which one to avoid for your braces. Now turn to understand the various steps to choose braces colors.

How to choose braces colors?

I have compiled some of the ideas which you can use for selecting your braces colors. These ideas will definitely help you out from the confusions. Let’s have a look below:

  • Pick any colors of your choice
  • You can choose any colors from the above suggestion
  • You can pick colors based on the upcoming festivals or holidays
  • Select color as your skin color
  • Choose colors as your clothes
  • Darker color makes your teeth appear brighter so you can choose any good dark color
  • You can try different colors at each visits

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