Orthodontist Critical Care is an informational blog on Orthodontist and related dental science. It is one of the youngest disciplines in the medical science. We have discussed the history of the evolution of Orthodontics; the traces of having braces like wire wrapped around the teeth are found in the old mummies of ancient people. Hence, this signifies that Orthodontics is coming since ancient times, but it was discovered in the early 19th century.

Our Dedication

This website is dedicated to serving you the best content in Orthodontics to guide you through the correct path. We are dedicated to serving you the well-researched content of your choice. If you need any research material on any topic related to Orthodontics, contact us or get in touch with us through social media. We will try our best to help you out. Since we have a dedicated Research and Development (RnD) team of Orthodontists.

Who are we?

We are a team of the passionate Orthodontist and few of our team members are undergraduates and they dream to become Orthodontist to fulfill their career in the field of dentistry. Our mainstream job is to check patients and provide the correct treatment with right prescription.


Let’s get to know each other!

Our Team

Dr. Jennifer Merel

She has 5 years of experience as an Orthodontist. She worked on various aspects of teeth and handled various dental cases. She is good at suggesting Invisalign. She is settled in New York with her hubby and two beautiful angels.

Dr. John Felix

He has recently completed his Orthodontic studies and he is the Editor-in-Chief of this informational blog. Apart from blogging and his occupation, he is interested in reading novels, traveling and spending good weekends with family, friends, and relatives.

Dr. Prajakta Sure

She is India based Oral surgeon, who joined our team recently. She has own dental clinic in the Patna City (one of the cities in India, State-Bihar). She likes to cook food in her spare times and enjoying life with her family on a weekend. She had been to Jacksonville in March 2017.

 Core Contributors

Some of the core contributors to this blog are as follows, we thank them for their infinite efforts to make this place best for the Orthodontic-al advice,

  • Students of Medicity College, India
  • Felix Emmanuel, United States of America
  • Steve Roger, United States of America
  • Anna Hoffman, United States of America
  • Mark Bond, United States of America
  • Peter Bruce, United Kingdom
  • Alfred Jacob, Ottowa

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We are serving the best content on Orthodontics and related subjects as well as topics to clear all your doubts related to the discipline. We are trying harder and working day and night to help you out through this portal. If anyone wants to get free consultations with our available doctors then we can extend our support to that level too.

We just want you to spread the real knowledge so that you can pursue your dream effortlessly.

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